Dahua DHI-NVR2116-I2

· Smart H.265+/H.265/Smart H.264+/H.264/MJPEG decoding format
· Max. decoding capability: 6 × [email protected] fps. Supports adaptive
· 1-channel face detection and recognition (AI by NVR); 1-channel
perimeter protection (AI by NVR); up to 10 face databases and 5,000
face images; 4-channel SMD Plus (AI by NVR);
· AI by camera: Face detection and recognition, perimeter protection,
and SMD Plus
· Connected to the third-party network cameras
· Security baseline 2.1

21,549.00 24,549.00

Dahua DHI-NVR2116-I2

Series Overview
This AI network video recorder is a highly cost-effective product, providing functions such as local live view, multi-screen display,
real-time storage on local HDD, fast operation by mouse, and remote management and control. This product is suitable for face detection and recognition at entrances and exits, and perimeter protection of people and vehicles.


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Face Detection
Face detection is to detect if there is any human face appearing in the video. This technology adopts a deep learning algorithm to support face detection, tracking, optimization and capturing, and then output the best face snapshot.

Face Recognition
Dahua Face Recognition technology extracts the features of captured faces and compares them with those in face database to recognize the person identity.

Perimeter Protection
Automatically filtering out false alarms caused by animals, rustling leaves, bright lights, etc. Enables system to perform secondary recognition for the targets. Improving alarm accuracy.

SMD Plus

With intelligent algorithm, Dahua Smart Motion Detection technology can categorize the targets that trigger motion detection and filter the motion detection alarm triggered by non-concerned targets to realize effective and accurate alarm.

AI Search

Support AI search by metadata of different targets or uploading face pictures to device and comparing them with recorded faces by similarity. Enable operators to quickly and easily search through multi channels and long duration, efficiently find out when and where a person of interest appeared.

Smart Fan

The NVR is equipped with a smart fan to achieve high cooling efficiency. It automatically turns on or turns off according to CPU and
ambient temperature. The fan is long-lasting and low noise, reducing maintenance costs and improving the user experience.

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Buy the latest Dahua DHI-NVR2116-I2 from Unameit.pk , offering  best price in Pakistan!

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Whats In The Box.!

1 x Dahua DHI-NVR2116-I2 DVR – 1 x User Manual

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