Duhua DH-HAC-T1A21

  • 30 [email protected]
  • CVI/CVBS/AHD/TVI switchable
  • 6 mm fixed lens (2.8 mm, 6 mm optional)
  • IR length 20 m, Smart IR
  • 12 VDC

3,260.00 4,260.00


 System Overview

The Cooper Series offers simple and highly cost-effective HDCVI solutions. It provides 24/7 reliable monitoring with high-quality image performance, saving cost on both material and labor force. It is also designed and built to the specific standards of Dahua.


Smart IR Illumination

With its IR illumination, the camera provides optimal performance in low light conditions, ensuring uniformity in the brightness of B/W images.

Through its smart IR technology, the camera also compensates for the distance of targets by adjusting the intensity of its IR LEDs, preventing overexposure of images as targets move closer to the camera.


4 Signals over 1 Coaxial Cable

HDCVI technology supports 4 signals (video, audio*, data and power) which are simultaneously transmitted over a coaxial cable. Dual-way data transmission allows the HDCVI camera to interact with the XVR to perform various actions such as sending control signals and triggering alarms. HDCVI technology also supports PoC, which makes the camera easy and quick to install.

* Audio input is available for select HDCVI camera models.

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Long Distance Transmission

HDCVI technology provides long distance transmission in real-time without transmission loss. It supports transmission distances up to 700 m for 2-MP/5-MP/8-MP HD videos through coaxial cables, and up to 300 m through UTP cables. The results were obtained and verified through rigorous testing in Dahua’s test laboratory.

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Whats In The Box.!

1 x Duhua DH-HAC-T1A21P Camera – 1 x User Manual – 1 x Clippers

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