Iroda PT-200 Pro-Torch Gas Burner


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Iroda PT200 PRO-TORCH miniature burner is a  high quality tool. The internal parts of the burner are made of brass and ceramics, the housings are made of high-quality polymers, ensure precise work and long life of the burner.

Working functions: as a gas burner, flame soldering.

  • flame temperature of 1300 ° C
  • power range 30  to  125W 
  • flame regulation
  • switch – on / off
  • built-in piezo spark igniter as a soldering iron
  • ceramic binding
  • multiple refills
  • keep working 60 minutes on medium setting
  • application:
    • jewelry – soldering
    • smoothing wax …
    • Modeling
    • laboratories
    • other precision works
  • dimensions
    • height 139 mm
    • length 101 mm
    • handle diameter 34 mm
    • base diameter 61 mm (flexible)
  • burner weight 145 grams (without gas)
  • tank capacity of 20 ml
  • fuel – butane
  • filled – like a lighter
  • the burner is not filled with gas
  • Included :
    • PT-200 PRO-TORCH TM burner

Note: Use highly purified gases for burners .

Using gases that may be contaminated will damage the burner (the burner works properly for several months)

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