Lenovo QE03 Wireless Neckband

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Lenovo QE03 Wireless Neckband

Lenovo 1E03 Wireless Neckband can provide wonderful handsfree experience, sweat proof, great for outdoor sports exercise and indoor entertainment. Support volume adjustment, hands-free answer/hang up, quick switch music/pause/play. 9-12 hours talk and music playing time, 120 hours standby time, you can use it for all day work.


Designed with Bluetooth 5.0 technology, ensuring faster and stable signal connection and transmission. Headphones are a pair of small loudspeaker drivers worn on or around the head over a user’s ears. They are electroacoustic transducers, which convert an electrical signal to a corresponding sound.


Bluetooth 5.0, stable connection, fast transmission speed. Built-in large-capacity battery, long-lasting battery life. Support wire control, can be switched at will, high-definition call. Magnetic design, anti-winding. Flexible U-shaped silicone neckband, smooth and delicate to the touch, weighs only 31g, and is light and comfortable to hang on the neck.

The Lenovo In Ear Headphones provide great sound and value for nearly every on-the-go occasion.

  • Make crystal-clear calls and take full control of your listening and voice experience with the inline microphone and controls that will work with most smart phones.
  • Move seamlessly between the office and home, as the Lenovo In Ear Headphones keep you connected across your favorite ThinkPad and smartphone devices.
  • Its minimal lightweight design feels comfortable in the ear for extended periods of time.
  • Enjoy the versatility of compatibility across all Think PCs with the analog 3.5mm connection.
    • In Ear fits comfortably inside the ear canal, with 3 silicon tips.
    • Lightweight design allows user to carry with them.

Features & Benefits

  • Version: QE03
  • Brand: Lenovo
  • Color: Black
  • Volume control: Supported
  • Microphone: Yes
  • Frequency range: 20hz-20khz
  • Bluetooth Version: 5.0
  • Style: In-ear
  • Battery capacity: 105MAH
  • Standby time: about 120 hours
  • Talk + music playing time: 9-12 hours
  • Work distance: 10m
  • Sound quality: HIFI stereo surround
  • Driver Unit: 10mm
  • Magnetic suction: Magnetic suction with two ears for easy storage
  • Earphone category: Smart earphone
  • Stereo diaphragm speakers: 10mm
  • Support devices: Mobile phones and computers with bluetooth
  • Packing: Color box
  • Enjoy the versatility of compatibility across all Think PCs with the analog 3.5mm connection

Pakage Dimensions

Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.20kgs / 0.45lb
Qty per Carton 120
Carton Weight 25.00kgs / 55.12lb
Carton Size 47cm * 42cm * 32cm / 18.5inch * 16.54inch * 12.6inch
Loading Container 20GP: 422 cartons * 120 pcs = 50640 pcs
40HQ: 980 cartons * 120 pcs = 117600 pcs

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