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Lutron LX-1108 Electronic Light Meter


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In stock

  • Measuring Parameters: Lux, Foot-candle; Lighting Type Selection: Tungsten, Fluorescent, Sodium, Mercury lamp.
  • 5 Lux Ranges: 1. 40.00 Lux ;Resolution: 0.01 Lux | 2. 400.0 Lux; Resolution: 0.1 Lux | 3. 4,000 Lux; Reolution: 1 Lux| 4. 40,000 Lux; Resolution: 10 Lux | 5. 400,000 Lux; Resolution: 100 Lux
  • Display: Large LCD display with bargraph and Indicator | Sensor used the exclusive photo diode & color correction filter, spectrum meet C.I.E. photopic.| Separate Light Sensor allows user to measure the light at an optimum position
  • Water resistance front panel | LSI circuit provides high reliability and durability| Zero adjusting button| Data hold to freeze the desired reading.| Peak hold measurement.
  • RS-232 computer serial data output.| Accessories Included: Instruction Manual, Meter, Light Sensor with protection cover | Applications: School, Labs, Office, Stadium,Theatres. 

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